The history of Light and Shadow will be written in blood!

Legends tell of a great civilization that spread its might and glory across much of the world. It was a glorious age of prosperity and learning. However, it was not to last, for as it shone like a beacon of good and law. In the corners of the world that it had yet to reach dwelt creatures of immense hatred, cruelty, and malicious intent. At first they were not much of a threat, but that all changed when a child was born amongst them. This child had a knack for the arcane arts and was a military genius. The child grew and formed the creatures dwelling in the darkness on the edge of the civilization’s empire into a force to be reckoned with and in time the forces of darkness took control of territory after territory, region of region and the child became known as the Shadow King. Soon they were at the great civilizations seat of power. The leaders, knowing that if they fought, there would be much unneeded death and destruction, surrendered the city to the Shadow King, and in the ensuing chaos slipped out of the city with a few items of power that might be later used to free their city and the world from the grip of the Shadow King.

People cowered in fear in their walled cities. Hope had been all but lost when a group of brave adventures, backed by the leaders of the great civilization, rose up against the Shadow King and his minions. After battling their way through his minions, they were able to bring down the evil Shadow King. With his dying, bring breath he cursed the heroes and warned of his return. In the wake of the victory, the great civilization laid fractured and the land broken. Mountains crumbled, islands sank, volcanoes erupted ruining forests and fields, seas rose, and famine and pestilence plagued the people. The heroes went their separate ways some founding new kingdoms and others in pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and power continued to wander the land doing good and righting wrongs.
There are still traces of the great civilization spread across the lands, ruins in ancient forests, in the bottoms of lakes, in the shallow seas that formed with the water levels rose and so forth. In the centuries that followed knowledge of the Shadow king passed from truth to legend to myth and then it was forgotten by all but the wisest of sages and the few evil beasts and beings that had far-reaching memories.

Tenebris Ortus

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